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-Westernstadt, Hotel -
- Piratenshow 1 -
- Der Dschungel sucht das Megatalent -
Ay Caramba - Copacabana
- Piratenshow 2 -
Welcome to Havana - Copacabana
- Der Dschungel sucht das Megatalent -

The reading will be atmospheric with music, images and

light effectsmultimediacompleted.


Christmas JAZZ

  1. Let's snow

  2. winter wonderland

  3. Jingle Bells

  4. Sleigh Ride

  5. The Christmas Waltz

  6. santa baby

  7. Have yourself a merry little christmas

  8. Light up a candle in the chapel

  9. Frosty the snowman

  10. Rudolph the red-nosed rendeer

  11. Christmas chopstick

  12. Far away christmas blues

  13. Children go where I send you

  14. Is that you Santa Claus

  15. What are you going new year's eve

  16. White Christmas

  17. Christmas blues

  18. Santa Claus is coming to town

  19. Santa Claus is back in town

Theatre/Film, TV
2020 Moderation, Kissingen Winter Magic, Prince Regent Building
2019 image film, medical center, voiceover - Coburg
2019 Commercial film shoot süc//dacor GmbH - iTV-Coburg Location: Coburg
2019 Own stage program: Wagner for everybody - town hall Sonneberg
2019 Singer - Best of Jazz of the 30s-50s - Lions Kulturbistro Rödental
2018 Commercial film shoot APT-River Cruising Location: Bamberg
2018 Moderation, Hercules Hall of the Munich Residence
2018 Destinies, Sat1, location: Munich
2018 Reading, Holy Night, Thoma, Zamirhalle - Bayreuth
         Reading, Holy Night, Thoma, Möbus - Bad Rodach
         Reading, Holy Night, Lions Kulturbistro - Rödental
2017 Susanna, The local train, Ludwig Thoma - Romantic stage Bad Berneck
2017 Speaker of the audio book for the travel guide "Thüringerspitzen" by Heidi Schmitt
2017 Pamina, A Little Magic Flute, - Free Stage Bayreuth
2017 Moderation Wagner evening - culture at Putzenstein
2017 Moderation Wagner evening, Wagner Association, - Maritim Hotel Nuremberg
2017 Reading, Holy Night, Lions Kulturbistro - Rödental

2016-2017 Mary Read, Treasure Island, R: Matthias Straub - Landestheater Coburg

Break for family reasons (Foundation of Lions Kulturbistro)

2013 Shooting of the short film - I didn't order it, location: Munich

2013 Destinies, Sat1, location: Munich

2013 SOKO, Vox, location: Munich

2012 K11 commissioners in action, Sat1, location: Munich

2011 K11 commissioners in action, Sat1, location Munich


2010 Reading Upper Franconia reading series - art studio Leutsch Hof

2010 Destinies, Sat1, location: Munich

2009 Shooting Final Picture, nuclear war drama, Hohenberg, location: Wunsiedel

2008 The Watzmann calls, W. Ambros Maid, Queen of the Walpurgis Night D: Gitti Recher - Tour Germany and Austria

2008 A maid, Queen of Walpurgis Night, The Watzmann calls, Wolfgang Ambros, R: Gitti Recher - Luisenburg Festival Wunsiedel

2008 Schufterle, The Robbers, Schiller, D: Petra Wüllenweber - Luisenburg Festival Wunsiedel

2008 Opera Choir, Die Fledermaus, Johann Strauss - Theater Hof

2007 Opera Choir, Carmina Burana, Orff - Theater Hof

2007 Opera Choir, Die Bernauerin, Orff - Luisenburg Festival Wunsiedel

2006 The Whore, Les Miserables, Claude-Michel Schönberg D: Ulf Reiher - Theater Hof

2006 Opera Choir, La Boheme, Puccini - Theater Hof

2005 Opera Choir, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Nicolai - Theater Hof

2005 Lamp, Giermund, Puppy, Martin, Reinecke Fuchs, Goethe, R: Olaf Hilliger - Theater Hof

2005 Opera Choir, Anatevka, revival, Jerry Bock - Luisenburg Festival Wunsiedel

2004 Opera Choir, Anatevka, Stein, Bock, Harnick - Luisenburg Festival Wunsiedel

2004 Bastienne, Bastian and Bastienne, D: Gerhard Pohl - Opera Studio Bayreuth

2004 Opera Choir, Der Freischütz - Theater Hof

2003 Babet, How to hunt rabbits, Fedeau, R: Pierre Leon - Theater Hof

"A real highlight of the Sonneberg Town Hall Concerts series is coming up on Saturday, October 12th. Under the title "WAGNER for everybody", Katrin and Michael Lion are presenting their new stage program, which not only Wagnerians will enjoy!

Opera singer Michael Lion will perform monologues from various Wagner operas.

The actress and singer Katrin Lion leads through the stage program with detailed and humorous narration of the individual operas. In a charming and entertaining way, it conveys access to Wagner's operas, even for listeners who previously had nothing to do with opera and even less with Wagner.

Not only die-hard Wagner fans should mark this concert evening in their calendars. Because of the individual introduction by narrator Katrin Lion, it is absolutely easy to get involved with the supporting sounds from various operas by Richard Wagner right from the start. Famous monologues from the "Flying Dutchman", "Parsifal", "Tristan and Isolde", the "Ring of the Nibelung" ("Valkyrie" and "Götterdämmerung") as well as the "Meistersinger von Nürnberg" will be heard.

The Wagner operas in particular are a particular passion of Michael Lion, who, after guest appearances on various major stages such as the Singapore Lyric Opera and the National Concert Hall Taipei, has been one of the pillars of the ensemble at the Landestheater Coburg with his bass for a good ten years now.

Katrin Lion acts in film and television productions in Munich. The jazz singer went on a tour of Germany and Austria with the Austrian cult singer-songwriter Wolfgang Ambros ("Der Watzmann rufing"). For many years she was engaged at the Luisenburg Festival and at the Theater Hof. She moderates classical concerts, such as in the Herkulessaal of the Munich Residenz."

                        \n e.g.                          sp;     Amadeus, Stefan Hinterleitner

IMAGEFILM - Arztpraxis





Kissingen winter magic

opening concert


Orchestra: Collegia Musica Chiemgau

Direction: Elke Burkert

Moderator: Katrin Lion

-"Der Dschungel sucht das Megatalent"
- "Welcome to Havanna"Musical Copacabana
"Ay Caramba!"Musical Copacabana
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