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LIONS KULTURBISTRO has an event room with a total area of approx. 100 square meters and a cozy outdoor area.

Access is at ground level and generously built and also ideal for people with walking disabilities or wheelchair users.

You can drive your car to the entrance area to let passengers get out if necessary.

A large car park is located approx. 100 m away.

(see sign "sports field")

Lions Kulturbistro has a stage with a piano, a bar with lighting that can be set in different colors and an open fireplace.

An integrated buffet area complements the concept, as does a small adjoining room and the fully equipped kitchen.


Use the stylish and cozy ambience according to your individual needs.

Our furnishing concept enables the following variants:

- completely empty space

- Row, seminar seating

- Rows of tables, groups of tables, tables, etc.

- Bar tables

Lions Kulturbistro has the following capacities:

 80 people: pure seating (without tables)

 50 people: seating with tables

The outdoor area of Lions Kulturbistro covers an area of approx. 80 square meters.

For barbecue evenings there is a fireplace grill at the house.



  • 1 fully automatic coffee machine

  • 2 coffee machines

  • 1 stove with ceramic hob and oven

  • 2 extra hotplates

  • 1 small oven

  • 1 microwave

  • 1 freezer

  • 2 refrigerators

  • 1 dishwasher

  • Catering containers (2 x large, 2 x small, 1 x round)

  • 6 thermos flasks

  • Crockery (6 pieces for 50 people)

  • Cutlery (5 pieces for 80 people)

  • 10 serving tongs

  • 6 cake sliders

  • 4 serving plates

  • 6 cake plates

  • Glasses (for 50 people): sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, wine pot, pilsner, wheat, schnapps, soft drink, water



  • Atmospherically adjustable light at the bar

  • Sound system (CD player, amplifier, speakers)

  • Piano

  • electric piano

  • drum set

  • mixer

  • 1 microphone with tripod and mixer

  • Projector, screen


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